ways to fly the "odyssey" way

​​Business Traveler

Mission: You have three business meetings across the Southeast but only one day to complete them. Not to mention, your son's baseball game is tonight. Impossible?

The "Odyssey" Way:

7:10am - Arrive at airport in Tampa
7:15am - Depart in private comfort in our aircraft.
8:00am - Arrive in Jacksonville, Florida. Your rental car or arranged driver waits for you planeside.
8:30am - Meeting # 1
10:30am - Depart Jacksonville
11:00am - Arrive in Savannah
12:00pm - Lunch Meeting 
1:30pm - Depart Savannah
2:15pm - Arrive in Albany, GA
2:30pm - Meeting # 3
3:30pm - Depart Albany
4:30pm - Arrive back in Tampa
4:35pm - You are in your car getting a jump start
on rush hour traffic.

Mission Accomplished: You just covered almost 1,000 miles in one day - a huge advantage over your competition. Not to mention, your productivity on the plane en route compared to the complete loss of productivity if you had to drive.

Sports Fanatic

Mission: You and your buddies want to go to that big rivalry college football game. Perhaps the University of Florida Gators at the Florida State Seminoles.

The "Odyssey" Way: 

8:20am - You and your buddies arrive at the airport sporting your Alma Mater's gear.
8:30am - You take off from Tampa
9:15am - Arrive in Tallahassee, Florida
9:25am - You surprise your friends with a limo that is waiting for your arrival at the airport. You look like the "man" because you requested Odyssey Airways, LLC  to arrange for this when you booked the trip.
9:45am - You arrive in style at the tailgate.
4:00pm - You arrive back at the airport excited by the results of the game and bragging rights to that one buddy who cheered for the "other" guys.
4:45pm - You are back in Tampa, in your car, which has been valeted and met at the airplane.
Mission Accomplished: Work prevented you from going up the night before to get an early start on tailgating. You also had that date night you promised your wife on Saturday night. With Odyssey Airways, LLC you were able to tailgate in the morning AND make it back in time for date night. Everyone wins! 


Mission: You want a family get-a-way to the beautiful islands of the Bahamas but want to visit one of those islands that the cruise ships don't go to. 

The "Odyssey" Way:

9:30am - Arrive with your family of four at the airport in Tampa.
9:35am - You are already departing Tampa bound for the Bahamas.
11:00am - You arrive Marsh Harbour. Your pilot has already arranged for a taxi and customs to be a breeze.
11:15am - Your stress free travel continues in a taxi to the nearest beach and tiki bar.
12:00pm - Your family is enjoying lunch on the beach.

Mission Accomplished: Your family of four got to avoid the annoyingly long TSA lines at the airport, the two hour check-in time for the airlines, waiting forever for ground transportation at your destination, connecting in large inconvenient airports like Miami or Atlanta, and fear of losing your luggage. Oh yeah.... Kids keeping you from arriving on time? No worries, we leave when you are ready not when we tell you to.