Piper cherokee six

The Piper Cherokee Six makes for an economical means to travel around the state or region but with all the conveniences of private aircraft charters. At speeds of 170 mph and a range of about 300 miles, this aircraft makes for a comfortable and convenient way to travel to multiple destinations within a short period of time. Comfortably sits four passengers.

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We have access to thousands of private jets of all sizes, ranges, and speeds to fit your mission and budget. Whether you need more space or go further distances, we can find the right fit for you to fit your needs.

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king air b200

The King Air B200 is one of the most popular turboprop aircraft in production. With seven passenger seats, average speeds of over 300 mph and at ranges of over 1,000 miles, the King Air makes for a perfect corporate or family charter aircraft that allows you to avoid the use of airlines. In addition, the King Air can operate at almost any of the 5,000 airports in the United States, not to mention many of the airports located in Mexico, Cuba, and the Caribbean. A spacious cabin makes for an outstanding alternative to the cramped conditions of even the first-class cabin of a typical airliner.