Affordable Private Aircraft Charter

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Affordable Private Aircraft Charter

We’ve all been in the situation of rushing to catch a flight. Phone rings. You’re a busy woman (or man) and must take this call from your potential customer. While focusing on the details and pitch you are offering this customer, you lose track of time and are even more in a hurry. You park in a long-term parking spot and rush into the terminal. Where did you park? Was it “blue 7”? Or was it “green 7”? Was it even level 7? Ah, who cares!? You’ll figure it out when you get back or at least deal with the frustration of walking aisle by aisle with your hands full of luggage completely exhausted from your trip. At least you’re at the airport now with 30 minutes to spare. Oh no! TSA!!! Take-off your belt, ignore another important phone call. Beeeeeeep!!! Ugh… forgot that change in your pocket, didn’t you? “Sir/ma’am, your shoes!” You strip half naked just to get to your flight on time. You barely make it just to find out that your flight has been delayed. You finally board an hour later only to be stuck in a middle seat next tucked two crying babies and their mothers. In the end, you missed one of your most important meetings. The return is no better an experience. The flight times are not convenient, so you waste a lot of your valuable time sitting in a crowded and uncomfortable terminal eating junk food. Good luck finding your car when you get back, by the way.

There must be a better option. Well, there is always a better way but is it one you can afford? You’ve heard about the CEOs of the largest companies that fly private jets around the world eating caviar and drinking champagne. You’re only the CEO (and CFO, sales manager, secretary, janitor, HR manager, etc) of a small, but growing company with a limited budget. The answer is “yes”. Even you can afford private air travel and be able to bring your janitor with you.

Tampa Bay Air Charter Options

Odyssey Airways is a private air charter company servicing Tampa Bay and surrounding communities that offers charters at all different price points. Whether you are in Tampa, St. Petersburg, Sarasota, Bradenton, Lakeland, or any other city in the state of Florida, we can offer you with various aircraft charter options. This is a unique advantage we offer over much of the other charter operators in the Tampa Bay area – a variety of fleet options. 

Imagine being able to drive your car up to the aircraft in Tampa, get out, leave at your convenience, without TSA lines and security, and take off for your destination. When you arrive at your destination, you have a rental car waiting for you outside of the aircraft, go to your lunch meeting in West Palm Beach, seal the deal, and return to the airport to return back to Tampa. No crying babies sitting next to you and the whole plane to yourself (except your pilot, of course). Sounds like a convenient way to travel, right? A trip like that does not have to be as expensive as you would think. In our Piper Cherokee Six, we can accommodate this for about $1,250. Think about the amount of time and frustration that you saved. Private air travel is the closest thing to a time machine since the DeLorean! 

Affordable Private Aircraft Charter
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Piper Cherokee Six Charter

Want to get your family away for a family holiday party 350 miles away? Here’s a real-life example of how Odyssey Airways opened the door to private air charters that they didn’t know was realistic. We flew a family of five to Beaufort, South Carolina. The closest airport with commercial airline service was Savannah, Georgia. Their original plan to attend their family’s Christmas party was to fly all five family members to Savannah, via Delta Airlines with a 2-hour layover in Atlanta, rent a car, and drive the hour to the party. After, they would have had to get two hotel rooms and fly back the next morning. The total travel time each way would have been about 6 hours (plus, security lines). It would’ve almost been quicker to drive, but they really needed to be back the day after the party for a previous commitment. Here’s how the costs would have broken down for them:

  • Airfare - $600 per person x 5 = $3,000
  • Rental Car & Gas - $100
  • Hotel Room - $150 x 2 rooms = $300
  • Meals - $100
  • TOTAL - $3,500 + 12 hours of traveling and a canceled commitment the following day

We were able to get them directly into a small regional airport in Beaufort (5 minutes from the party) and back to Tampa right after the party for less than that price. Four hours of total traveling, no driving, and in the comfort of their own private airplane. 

It would be inaccurate to say that there are cheap ways to fly private, however, it is possible that using private air charters can be an economical option for yourself, family, and/or colleagues to get around the region in safety, comfort, and convenience. Contact us today to find out how we can make private air travel possible for you at a budget that works.

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