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Piper Saratoga / Cherokee Six - Affordable Aircraft Charter

Some trips are difficult to justify the higher cost of private jet charters. For example, we have clients that need to hop from Tampa to Miami for the day and are a group of 1 or 2. To charter our King Air B200, which can seat up to 7 passengers, that may not be the most-efficient option. Odyssey Airways, a Tampa Bay air charter service, offers a wide selection of private aircraft to offer private charter options for a wide-range of budgets.

Our recently refurbished and comfortable Piper Cherokee Six (Saratoga) is the most affordable Tampa private charter aircraft available in the Tampa Bay Area. Let's talk about some of the advantages and missions that are appropriate for our Cherokee Six.

Flying Private Affordably

The Cherokee Six can seat up to 5 passengers but is most commonly used for 2-4 passengers. With cruising speeds around 160 MPH, it is best used for charter flights of less than 300 miles. Typically, this will cover the entire state of Florida from the Tampa - St. Petersburg - Sarasota - Orlando area. A flight from Tampa International Airport (TPA) to Key West or Marathon will take approximately 2 hours. In our Cherokee Six, this can be done at a fraction of the price of that in a light jet or midsize jet.

With 2 adults and 2 children in the back, the Cherokee Six is very comfortable for flights of less than 2 hours. Unlike the Cirrus SR-22 or SR-20, the Cherokee Six offers a separate cabin entrance than the cockpit. This prevents the awkward climb on the wing to enter the aircraft. Entry and exit into this small piston aircraft is much more comfortable than it's rivals.

Much Does it Cost for a Private Flight?

This depends on a lot of variables. As stated earlier in this article, our Cherokee Six offers the most affordable private air charter option than anywhere else in the Tampa Bay Area. Some examples include:

  • Tampa to Miami - $1,900 and up
  • Tampa to Key West - $2,200 and up
  • Orlando to Marathon - $2,750 and up

You can get your quote here.

Empty Legs Make Flying Private Affordable

There are often opportunities for empty leg charter flights in the Cherokee Six. This allows the ability to fly empty legs at a fraction of the retail price. Some flights exist where private jet travel can cost less than $1,000 total, for up to 5 seats. If your schedule is flexible, there are many empty legs that you can take advantage of.

Best Use of Private Charter Flights For Cherokee Six

Frequently, our customers use the Cherokee Six to hop around the State of Florida in a cost-efficient manner. Because this aircraft is more affordable than the light jets, such as a Cessna Citation, it is easy to justify the cost of a private charter flight.

Examples of the missions that the Cherokee Six has worked for in the past:

  1. Missed Connections - In a rush to make her flight from Tampa to Miami, Janet Smith missed her flight by 10 minutes. Her European vacation to meet her college friends was now in jeopardy. Odyssey Airways was able to provide her a cost-effective charter option in our Cherokee Six to allow her to get to Miami International Airport in time for her connecting flight to Madrid, Spain. Her vacation was salvaged.
  2. Christmas Party for 5 - The Garcia family wanted to attend their family Christmas party in Beaufort, South Carolina. Driving would have taken over 6 hours, each way. A commercial flight would have taken just as long due to a layover in Atlanta and no commercial service to Beaufort. There were no good options... until they called us. For about $500 per person, round-trip, we got the family to/from their Christmas Party. Not to mention, they saved 10 hours worth of traveling, the cost of a rental car and enough hotel rooms for 5 for the night.
  3. Deposition - A high profile case required the attendance of a lawyer to the court room in Miami. With meetings on both sides of the hearing, the Tampa Bay area lawyer would need a time machine to make it all work... or Odyssey Airways. For less than $2,000, he was able to fly into Miami early one morning, attend the hearing, and return to Tampa in time for his afternoon meetings.

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Charter Fleet Feature - Cherokee Six
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