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Corporate Aircraft and Executive Charters With Odyssey Airways

At Odyssey Airways, we receive calls for all types of travel and for all types of reasons. Sometimes, we get calls to fly a group of friends to their alma mater to see a college football game where a drive or commercial air travel is impossible or inconvenient, at best. Other times, we receive calls from a family choosing to avoid lengthy layovers or possible cancellations with the airlines to go on a Caribbean vacation. Frequently, however, we receive calls from executives or key employees of corporations needing efficient and reliable transportation, on-demand, to be able to secure a deal, visit a vital customer, or run “damage control” on an issue in another city or county.

Recently,we received a call from a Tampa-based company with a last-minute need to travel to San Antonio, Texas. The executive assistant to the CEO was desperate to provide transportation for her executive team to secure a deal worth millions that they were at risk of losing. A deal that could not be saved by a phone call, video conference, Skype, or anything other than a true face-to-face dinner. No airline flights were available between Tampa and San Antonio that didn’t require a long layover or, more importantly, that would permit them to arrive in time for dinner. Not to mention, they would have no chance of being able to return to Tampa until the next afternoon forcing all of their important morning meetings to be canceled the following day.

Fortunately, Odyssey Airways was able to help. By the time that the executives could arrive at the private terminal at Tampa International Airport only a few miles from their office, the flight crew was ready to take the team to San Antonio. During the flight, the team was able to discuss their strategy for their meeting in private. At one point, the flight crew, while checking on the passenger’s comfort, confirmed even one executive was able to recharge with a quick nap on one of the fully reclining chairs of the Beechcraft King Air B200.

Shortly before dinner, the team arrived at the private terminal in San Antonio with their driver and sedan, previously arranged by the Odyssey staff, waiting just 10 feet from where the aircraft parked. Within seconds, the team was in the car,refreshed, and on their way to dinner with their important clients.

Around 9pm, the team returned to the airport with their driver pulling up to the aircraft. They exited the car with smiles on their faces, fist bumps all around, and a new sense of energy. One of the team members talked about the need for a celebratory drink on the return as they just saved a deal worth millions. The flight crew did not disappoint. During their ground time in San Antonio, they contacted the executive assistant and asked what the preferred drinks were, that she knew of, for the team. She informed them that they usually receive Christmas gifts in the form of good Scotch whiskey. As soon as they reached their cruising altitude, one of the members of the flight crew instructed the team that they had purchased some Scotch for them for the ride home if they had a reason to celebrate. It was a perfect addition to their flight.

Shortly after a few celebratory toasts, the passengers were sound asleep in the back.Not too surprisingly, the gentle bump of the wheels touching down in Tampa didn’t even awake them. The Odyssey flight crew had radioed ahead to the private terminal to ensure that the passengers’ cars were lined up on the tarmac so that they could get home to their families as soon as possible once the engines shut down.

Odyssey Airways had shown those executives what was possible with executive aircraft charters. Fortunately, the team didn’t have to experience what would not be possible without it.

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