King Air B200 - Perfect Charter Aircraft

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Beechcraft King Air B200 - Perfect Regional Charter Aircraft

When Odyssey Airways added our King Air B200 to its charter certificate, we really could have never anticipated how great of an aircraft it would be for utility, comfort, flexibility and reliability. Odyssey Airways, an air charter service and aircraft management company in Tampa, FL, is proud to have one of the newest King Air B200s available for private air charter in Florida. This aircraft is wildly popular among our customers. The Beechcraft King Air B200 can help your family stay safe, make your colleagues more productive, and even assist those in dire need after a natural disaster.

How to Fly Safely with Your Family

Every year, we fly families all over the United States, Caribbean and Mexico. In a post-COVID world, people are more concerned than ever about the health and safety of their family. It is also important for your well-being to get out and travel. With the airlines cutting flights, the load factors (amount of seats filled) will return back to the pre-COVID days of stuffing as many people as close to each other as possible. When you charter a private jet or aircraft, you have the comfort and security knowing that you and your family are the only occupants located in the passenger cabin of your private aircraft. 

Here are some examples of charter flights where our customers have used the Beechcraft King Air to fly their family:

  1. Cuba - We flew a family on our private air charter flight from Tampa to Havana, Cuba for a three day trip. The family took advantage of private air travel to take two adults and two children with lots of luggage and items to donate to the Cuban people in need. 
  2. Curacao - A father and daughter got stranded in Curacao after the coronavirus the pandemic began and all airline flights were canceled. We were able to fly the King Air to Curacao and safely fly them and their luggage, in comfort, back to their home in Boca Raton.
  3. Staniel Cay, Bahamas - Odyssey Airways got a family of seven on a private air charter from Naples, Florida to Staniel Cay. If you aren’t familiar with Staniel Cay and their nearby swimming pigs, you need to become familiar with it. It’s a beautiful place but not accessible by any airlines service.
King Air B200 - Perfect Charter Aircraft
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Corporate Air Charter

The King Air is not the fastest private jet in the world. Nor is it as large and luxurious as something like the Gulfstream G650, but it has definitely helped our corporate customers become more productive. One of our customers used the King Air to take him and five other colleagues around the southeast United States on a two day sales blitz. They later told us that this significantly impacted their revenues for that quarter and they continued receiving similar results. Another corporate user had Odyssey manage their corporate flight department. We regularly flew their associates between their offices in Tampa, Atlanta, and Cincinnati. That CEO later told us that he sold his company for almost $200 million. He stated to us that he attributed a significant increase to the value of his company due to the increased productivity and access to a private jet. After the sale, we flew his executive team for a celebratory fishing and diving trip to Grand Cayman in the Cayman Islands. We were flattered to know that we helped contribute to him and his associates' success.

Hurricane Relief Flights

Odyssey Airways has been proud to be able to use the incredible useful load and range to assist in flying much needed supplies to hurricane ravaged areas. We flew thousands of pounds of supplies to Puerto Rico after the devastation created by Hurricane Maria. In addition, we evacuated those stranded on the island after its passing. When Hurricane Irma threatened the Gulf Coast of Florida, Odyssey loaded up the King Air with several flights to safe harbor prior to Irma making landfall. Finally, our biggest relief effort was done in 2019 in partnership with other tremendous local businesses to fly tens of thousands of pounds worth of relief supplies to the Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian became the strongest hurricane to ever make landfall in the Bahamas. We also were pleased to bring some Bahamian citizens back to the United States that were left homeless after Dorian’s passing. None of this would have been possible or as effective without the great capabilities of the King Air.


Whether it is for pleasure flights with your friends and family or corporate and executive jet charters to increase productivity in your business or to help those less fortunate in the wake of a natural disaster, the Beechcraft King Air is an ideal aircraft to charter and get the job done. Contact Odyssey Airways today to see how our King Air B200 can help you in your travels. Quote your trip in our King Air B200 today!

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