How Private Jet and Air Charter Can Work For You

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How Private Jet and Air Charter Can Work For You

Those who have never used private aircraft charters in their business or personal travels, may view it as a luxury or an expense that they can spare. Those that use it on a regular basis, or even on occasion, view private air charter as a tool, a necessity, or even a time machine. Ever wished you had more hours in the day?

At Odyssey Airways, we’ve flown aspiring political candidates who needed to reach their constituents around the state in a short period of time. One candidate for governor needed to be at three campaign events around the state in the same day. We covered over 500 miles that day and he was still able to return to dinner with his family the same evening. This gave him a distinct edge over his competition.

We have also chartered aircraft to many business men and women who needed to travel to rural areas not serviced by airlines. Or even to cities that are serviced by the airlines but require a layover and potentials for delays. Did you know that there are over 15,000 airports in the United States, alone? Only a small fraction are serviced by commercial airlines. An even smaller fraction are serviced from your local airport directly to your destination. Odyssey Airways can service exponentially more airports.

Odyssey has also provided private air service to families wishing to maximize their vacation while minimizing the frustration of traveling by car or the airlines. Just think about how long it takes to travel by the airlines and how much thought has to go into it, especially with a family. Did I check in early? Are my bags overweight? How long is the layover? Is it too long? Is it too short? Will I miss my flight because TSA had a problem with my travel toothpaste being more than 3 ounces?

With us, all you have to worry about is getting to the airport. We’ll take care of the rest.

A company function with your hardest working employees to the Masters in Augusta? Yeah, we’ve got that covered too. We witnessed an already high moral of a company’s team skyrocket in just one flight.

Finally, Odyssey has also stepped in during the extreme hurricane season of 2017. With the jammed highways and overbooked airline flights, we were able to safely evacuate several families out of harm’s way prior to the hurricane’s landfall and return them safely as soon as the airports opened but before the roads and airlines fully resumed service. Not to mention, we were able to donate and fly thousands of pounds of supplies to Puerto Rico as soon as Hurricane Maria passed and several who were stuck init’s path out of San Juan.

That’s the Odyssey way. Let us take the frustration out of traveling so you can do what’s important.

Contact us at (813) 207-5002 for more information or a quote.

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