Private Jet Charters to The Bahamas

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Private Jet Charters to The Bahamas

A frequent summer destination for families is a visit to one of hundreds of islands in The Bahamas. The beautiful turquoise waters begin just about 50 miles of the coast of Florida and seem to go on forever. Your options are endless. A trip to the Abacos’ out islands, such as Elbow Cay (Hope Town), Green Turtle Cay, or Great Guana Cay (home of the famous Nippers) can offer gorgeous sights, phenomenal fishing, and quaint but delicious dining options. Or, you can choose to visit Staniel Cay and neighboring Big Major Cay in the Exumas and hang out with the swimming pigs or dive the famous Thunderball Grotto where James Bond once escaped.

The problem that you may find in your travel options to these locations is that you almost need to be as crafty and sly as James Bond to get there. You can hop on a travel search engine and will quickly realize your travel journal may sound something like this:

“Our day began at 4:30am with the annoying sound of our alarm. My eye sockets were in pain due to the lack of sleep we received since we stayed up past midnight finding travel sized toiletries and condensing luggage to meet the checked baggage requirements of the airlines. We drug the kids out of bed and rushed them out the door. Living in the suburbs, we passed three private airports without airline service that I daydreamed about being able to depart out of. By 6:30am,we parked our car at long-term parking at the international airport and unloaded our bags, drug the kids to the shuttle, and made our way into the terminal. Again, we drug the kids and the bags to the lengthy ticketing line. Checked our bags, after shifting the weight of our 51 pound bag to our 49 pound bag. About 45 minutes later, we were in the long TSA line, holding my beltless pants, barefoot. My 7-year old’s bag was tagged for additional screening. His toy laser gun was apparently seen as a threat. Finally, we are on the way to the gate…. Oh, no we aren’t…. The TSA agent announced over the PA that I had left my wallet at screening. Got it. No rush since the flight has been delayed due to an unruly passenger being offloaded. We are now 4 hours into our day and have yet to board our aircraft. Unfortunately for us, we have a 3 hour layover in Miami, then another hour flight. Our connecting flight is also late. We arrive in Marsh Harbour International Airport around 5pm. It takes us about 30 minutes to clear customs with the other 50 people on the flight and then a 20 minute taxi just in time to watch the last ferry had already pulled away from the dock to take us to Hope Town. We traveled for over 14 hours and still were unable to make our destination… from Florida! We have completely wasted our first day of our vacation and the opportunity to meet up with our friends who were smart enough to travel the Odyssey way…”

Your friends who chose the Odyssey Way woke up at 7:30am. By 8:30am, they were out the door without any concern of their luggage being a few pounds overweight, or containing a small can of hairspray that might be taken away. They saved another 20 minutes by departing out of a municipal airport between their house on the beach and the main international airport. When they arrived at the private terminal, their flight crew instructed the ground personnel to allow their car to drive up to the aircraft where they assisted their luggage on to the aircraft. No TSA lines, no long term parking, no hassle. Their cars were valeted and driven off by the courteous ground crew. By 9am, they were on their way, nonstop, to Marsh Harbour. They arrive by 9:30am and had cleared the private customs kiosk in less than 5 minutes. Their luggage already loaded into their pre-arranged taxi, they arrived at the ferry dock in time to make the 10am ferry to Hope Town and were enjoying a golf cart ride around the island and enjoyed lunch at the delicious Abaco Inn.

What way would you prefer to travel?

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Private Flights To The Bahamas

Odyssey Airways offers private air charters and private flights to the following airports in the Bahamas:

Airports in the Abacos

Servicing Green Turtle Cay, Elbow Cay, Great Guana Cay, Hope Town, Man-O-War Cay, and other popular destinations:

  • Marsh Harbour International Airport
  • Moore's Island Airport
  • Sandy Point Airport
  • Spanish Cay Airport
  • Treasure Cay International Airport
  • Walker's Cay Airport

Airports in the Crooked & Acklins

  • Colonel Hill Airport
  • Pitts Town Airport
  • Spring Point Airport

Airports in the Andros

  • Andros Town Airport (Fresh Creek)
  • Clarence A. Bain Airport (Mangrove Cay)
  • South Andros Airport (Congo Town)
  • San Andros Airport (Nicholls Town)

Airports in the Berry Islands

  • Big Whale Cay Airport
  • Chub Cay International Airport
  • Cistern Cay Airport
  • Great Harbour Cay Airport
  • Little Whale Cay Airport

Airports in Bimini

  • North Cat Cay Airport
  • Ocean Cay Airport
  • South Bimini Airport

Airports in Cat Island

  • Arthur's Town Airport
  • Cutlass Bay Airport
  • Hawk's Nest Airport
  • New Bight Airport (Fernandez Bay Resort)

Airports in Eleuthera

  • Governor's Harbour Airport
  • North Eleuthera Airport
  • Rock Sound International Airport

Airports in Exuma

  • Black Point Airport
  • George Town Airport
  • Exuma International Airport (Moss Town)
  • Hog Cay Airport
  • Leaf Cay Airport
  • Lee Stocking Island Airport
  • Little Farmer's Cay Airport
  • Norman's Cay Airport
  • Rudder Cut Cay Airport
  • Staniel Cay Airport (Staniel Cay Resort)

Airports in Grand Bahama

  • Deep Water Cay Airport
  • Grand Bahama International Airport (Freeport)
  • West End Airport

Airports in Inagua

  • Matthew Town Airport

Airports in Long Island

  • Cape Santa Maria Airport
  • Deadman's Cay Airport (Dean's Blue Hole)
  • Hog Cay Airport
  • Hard Bargain Airport
  • Stella Maris Airport

Airports in Mayaguana

  • Mayaguana Airport

Airports in New Providence

  • Lynden Pindling International Airport (Nassau)

Airports in Ragged Island

  • Duncan Town Airport

Airports in Rum Cay

  • Port Nelson Airport

Airports in San Salvador

  • San Salvador Airport (Cockburn Town)
No items found.

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