Travel In A Post-COVID World

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Traveling In A Post-COVID World


As people begin to leave their homes and enter a world ofsocial distancing and a return to a semblance of normalcy, new questions will arise. One of which is: What will it be like to travel in a post-COVID world?How can you and your family begin to travel and be safe while adhering to CDCguidelines and social distancing? Can you imagine trying to stand more than 6 feet from anyone in a crowded airport terminal? What about in an airliner that was already jamming more people into one place to maximize revenue for eachflight?

Aircraft Charter - The Safest Way To Travel

One way to ensure you and your family can begin traveling while staying healthy and safe is by flying by private aircraft charter. Odyssey Airways, a Tampa Bay based air charter company has always provided safe, clean, and efficient means of private air travel. Using aircraft charters will soon change from a luxury to a necessity for some. Those that may be elderly or high risk willstill have a need to travel, however, it will now come with a greater risk than ever when flying the commercial airlines. For others, COVID was the final straw for dumping the airlines.


When flying private, you can be assured that you do not have to wait in a crowded TSA line. Nor will you have to sit hours in a packed airportterminal only to board a completely booked airplane. With private air charters,you can usually leave your personal vehicle to immediately board a completely disinfected airplane. Once on board, you will be in your own private aircraft with only members of your own party and your flight crew. The option will be yours whether you would prefer your flight crew to wear a mask, for your protection, and you will know the specific safety procedures that are used.


Flying private is not always as economically restrictive as you would think. Odyssey Airways specializes in a variety of aircraft to ensure that your trip can be priced at most budgets. For example, a trip from Tampa to West Palm Beach can be purchased for as little $1,500 for the entire aircraft. With the 4-5 passengers that this option can accommodate, this safe, clean, andefficient means of travel can be had for less than most commercial plane tickets. Not to mention, it comes with all the conveniences of private air charter.


There are a lot of things in the world to be fearful of. Odyssey Airways can take the fear out of traveling and help you return quicker to normalcy. Contact us today for a quote for your upcoming travels.

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