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Travel your way

The flexibility you need, the comfort you deserve.

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How can Odyssey help you travel your way with private aircraft charters?

Private jet charters are the most convenient way to travel. As a business owner, corporate ar charters and private jet ownership will help your business be more productive. For you and your family, aircraft charters can help you travel safer and without the hassle of the airlines. Business or pleasure, private charter flights are the only way to travel at your convenience and access more destinations. Odyssey Airways is an air charter service company with a fleet and access to a variety of aircraft from turboprops to light jets, midsize jets, and larger to meet your private travel needs.

The Odyssey Advantage

As an extension of your team and your family, we want to understand how we can maximize your efficiency and minimize your frustration. Odyssey will fully understand your needs, goals, and desires to ensure that your expectations are exceeded. We will ensure that your private air charter experience is the safest means of travel for you, your family, and business associates. We seek to maximize your productivity and help add value to your business operations by offering the convenience of schedule, access to more destinations around the world, and the comfort and privacy you need to get the job done.


Safety is always our #1 priority. It's your family, your employees, your clients, and your friends on-board and we will ensure that no expense or effort is spared to operate all aircraft charters to the highest degree of safety to meet or exceed airline safety standards.


With over 40,000 airports in the world, the airlines can only access a small fraction. Private jet charters can get you closer to where you need to be when you need to be there. We operate on your schedule, not the airline's. It's your world, we give you the means to access it.


The increased productivity more than offsets the cost of corporate and business jet travel with improved results, faster travel times, and improved communications. We understand how corporate aviation can help your business grow and build relationships.


We will get you on your way faster than traditional airline travel and in the comfort and privacy that will help you remain productive, refreshed, and on the schedule that works for you in your own private jet.