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Experience the unbeatable advantage of bookable empty leg charters, a game-changing opportunity that lets you indulge in private air travel at an exceptional value. These remarkable offers arise when a private aircraft is returning to its origin or moving between cities without passengers. It's your chance to access deeply discounted rates on exclusive aircraft charters, especially if your travel schedule boasts a degree of flexibility.

Empty legs materialize when a charter is arranged for a one-way drop-off or pick-up, resulting in the aircraft's return to its base or another destination. For instance, picture an air charter flight from Tampa to Miami. After successfully completing its flight, if our aircraft is slated to journey back to its Tampa base, it does so without passengers. This unique scenario creates an exceptional opportunity – a significantly discounted one-way charter from the vibrant South Florida hub to Tampa, just for you.

These remarkable empty leg charter flights are accessible across numerous cities and popular routes globally. Whether you're looking for a quick escape or a seamless business trip, this is your gateway to indulging in affordable private jet charters without compromising on luxury and comfort.

Make the most of Odyssey Airways' bookable empty leg charters and relish the epitome of private air travel – effortless, elegant, and remarkably cost-effective.

Aircraft Type:
TBM 850
Aircraft Class:
Available on:


Key West, Florida


Tampa, Florida

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