Empty Legs

Empty Legs

Empty leg charters become available when a private aircraft charter is returning without passengers between two cities. This can be excellent way of paying a significantly discounted rate on an aircraft charter especially if you have some flexibility in your schedule. Empty legs are created when a charter is booked as a one way drop-off or pick-up and the aircraft is returning back to its home base or to another city.

An example of this can be if a air charter flight is booked from Tampa to Miami. If our aircraft has to return back to its base in Tampa, it will do so without passengers. When this happens, it creates a discounted one-way opportunity from South Florida to Tampa for your to take advantage of. These discounted charter flights are available for several cities and over common routes around the world. This is a great way to book afforadable private jet charters.

Check out our current available empty leg charter flights below and inquire about great empty leg prices on those that match your needs and book your private jet travel today.

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