Tournament Sport Fishing in the Bahamas

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The Bahamas are a fisherman's paradise due to their clear waters and abundant marine life. Anglers from all around the world will converge on this tropical paradise this summer for a string of prestigious fishing competitions. Prepare to wet a line and compete for fame and fortune in these thrilling tournaments. For those looking to hitch a ride down on one of our many Bahamas empty legs, you can view available empty legs here. Or, work with our dedicated travel professionals to arrange for your private air charter to the Bahamas for these amazing fishing tournaments.

Here are some the biggest tournaments happening in the Bahamas that sport fishing enthusiasts will not want to miss!

Chub Cay Classic

Location: Chub Cay, Bahamas

Month: Typically March

Taking in the picturesque Chub Cay, anglers will enjoy the natural beauty of the Chub Cay while bill fishing in “the pocket.” Locked right next to the infamous Pocket and Tongue of the Ocean, Chub Cay has been doted as the “Billfish Capital of the Bahamas.” Typically held in March, check with the Chub Cay Resort for more information.

Chub Cay Invitational

Location: Chub Cay, Bahamas

Month: Typically April

Didn’t catch your fill the prior month at the Chub Cay Classic? Then throw out your line for April’s Chub Cay Invitational. Same stunning location with a new set of contestants to try your skills against.

White Marlin Roundup

Location: Marsh Harbour, Bahamas

Month: Typically April

Your perfect transition from sailfish to blue marlin season will lead you right to the White Marlin Roundup at The Abaco Beach Resort and Boat Harbour Marina. The schedule of events offers four days of a fisherman’s delight with a kick-off cocktail party and captain’s dinner, a few rum punch dock greetings and grill night and an awards dinner that you'll want to be present.

The Shootout (Production vs. Custom)

Location: Abaco, Bahamas

Month: Typically May

It all comes down to this – whose boat is better? The production boats vs. the custom boats. This unique event is limited to just 60 inboard boat teams of 33’ or larger to represent the production boat and custom boat manufacturers. This is a coveted invite-only event that represents one of the most prestigious tournaments in the Bahamas.

Baker’s Bay Invitational

Location: Baker’s Bay, Bahamas

Month: Typically May

Enjoy two days of fishing bliss in this offshore fishing tournament, kicked off with a one-day golf tournament. Whether you’re an ace on the course or a lucky angler, you’re sure to reel in a good time and some intense competition!  

Custom Shootout

Location: Abaco, Bahamas

Month: Typically May

Hosted at The Abaco Beach Resort and Boat Harbour Marina, this all-charity event benefits such charities as the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, IGFA, Joe DiMaggio’s Children’s Hospital and many more. Another prestigious tournament, this is invite-only and plays host to some of the most elite fleet of sport boats around. Book your private air charter to compete against the best of the best.

Walker’s Cay Invitational

Location: Walker’s Cay, Bahamas

Month: Typically May

This event isn’t for the weak at heart. Anglers from all over the world head to this coveted corner of the world to compete in this legendary deep-sea fishing destination. With $1Million+ payout, a mandatory Calcutta and a cap of 50 boats, the excitement will be palpable. The four-day event will be capped off with an evening of entertainment and awards not to be missed.

With the summer fishing season right around the corner, it’s time to book your private air travel today. Our private air charter will ensure you arrive in style and enjoy a stress-free journey to any of these amazing Bahamas destinations.



Tournament Sport Fishing in the Bahamas
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