How Much Does It Cost to Fly Private

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Embarking on a private flight with Odyssey Airways not only elevates your travel experience but also brings the luxury of flying private within reach. One of the most common inquiries we encounter is, "How much does it cost to fly private?" We're here to shed light on this question and offer general costs for some of our more popular routes for those flying private from Tampa or beyond.

Whether you're looking to jet off to the sandy beaches of Nassau or planning a quick trip to Miami, Odyssey Airways offers competitive pricing to ensure you can enjoy the exclusivity of private air travel without the guesswork.

Odyssey Airways offers flights to 1,000s of destinations with competitive pricing designed to cater to your mission.

Here’s a general overview of the cost to charter a private jet, ensuring you know just how much it is to fly private while enjoying the signature services of our Tampa Bay air charter services.

Example Routes:

Private Flights to the Bahamas

Our service takes you from the heart of Tampa Bay to the pristine beaches of Nassau, Bahamas, starting from $6,950. This route exemplifies luxury international travel, offering an escape to paradise without the hassle of commercial flights.

  • Tampa to Nassau – starting from $6,950
  • Miami to Nassau – starting from $7,485
  • West Palm Beach to Nassau – starting from $7,430
  • Nassau to Tampa – starting from $6,950

Private Flights to Key West

Key West, with its laid-back atmosphere and stunning natural beauty, is just a private flight away. Starting from $4,800, you can leave Tampa and land in Key West ready to embrace the island life. Similarly, our Sarasota to Key West route is priced from $4,995, making island hopping a luxurious yet accessible option for everyone.

  • Tampa to Key West – starting from $4,800
  • Sarasota to Key West – starting from $4,995
  • Key West to Tampa – starting from $4,800

Private Jet Flights to Florida’s East Coast

For those interested in exploring the riches of Florida, Odyssey Airways ensures your travel is nothing short of luxurious. Private flights from Tampa to the sophisticated surroundings of West Palm Beach start at $3,270, discover the charm Ft. Lauderdale from $3,500 or the vibrant city of Miami from $3,590. Our aim is to make luxury travel within Florida and beyond both seamless and memorable.

  • Tampa to Miami – starting from $3,590
  • Tampa to West Palm Beach – starting from $3,270
  • Tampa to Ft. Lauderdale – starting from $3,500

Empty Leg Flights

For savvy travelers looking to book empty leg flights, Odyssey Airways presents an opportunity to enjoy luxury air travel at a fraction of the cost. These flights offer the same high-quality experience and comfort at significantly reduced prices, perfect for last-minute getaways with flexible travel plans.


Odyssey Airways is dedicated to providing exceptional private jet travel, with competitive pricing that allows you to explore destinations in luxury and comfort. Whether you’re planning a quick trip to Miami or a island escape to the Bahamas, our pricing is designed with your needs in mind.

Experience the convenience, speed, and privacy of flying private with Odyssey Airways, where every journey is tailored to exceed your expectations.

Book your tailored private air charter flight today with a custom quote.

How Much Does It Cost to Fly Private
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How much does it cost to fly empty legs?

The cost of an empty leg charter depends on the specific pairing. It is not uncommon to find empty leg charters priced at 80% or more below the retail booking rate. Take advantage of these incredible savings and unlock a world of luxury travel at a fraction of the cost. Don't miss out on the opportunity to experience the convenience and comfort of private jet travel while enjoying substantial discounts. Book your empty leg charter today and embark on an extraordinary journey with Odyssey Airways.

How far in advance should I book a private jet?

Availability of private jet charters is always subject to fluctuation. To secure the best pricing and a wide selection of options, we recommend booking your private jet rental at least two weeks in advance of your travel date. Please note that for holidays and special events, it is advisable to provide even more notice. However, even for last-minute trips, we strive to accommodate your needs and can almost always find an available option for you. Rest assured, we are committed to delivering the utmost convenience and flexibility for your private jet travel experience.

Can I request specific airport terminals or FBOs (Fixed-Base Operators) when flying private?

Odyssey Airways understands the importance of a seamless and luxurious travel experience from start to finish. We are pleased to accommodate specific Fixed-Base Operator (FBO) requests at both your departure and destination airports. Our extensive network of partnerships with top-notch FBOs allows us to provide you with the utmost convenience and comfort on the ground. Please note that certain surcharges may apply based on your specific FBO requests. Rest assured, our dedicated team is committed to delivering the highest standard of luxury air travel, and we work tirelessly to ensure that your journey is smooth, efficient, and tailored to your preferences. Choose Odyssey Airways for an exceptional private jet experience where every detail is thoughtfully taken care of, from takeoff to touchdown.

What is the average range of a private jet?

The range of a private jet charter varies depending on the aircraft type. For instance, our TBM 850 offers a range of up to 1,200 miles, making it suitable for regional flights. If you require faster travel over distances of up to 1,000 miles, our Citation Jet is an excellent choice. For extensive journeys without the need for refueling, the Gulfstream 650 shines, with an impressive range of over 8,000 miles.

At Odyssey Airways, we have a diverse fleet of aircraft to cater to your specific travel needs. Whether it's short-haul or long-haul flights, we can provide the perfect private jet with the range and capabilities to meet your requirements. Experience unparalleled comfort, convenience, and efficiency as you soar to your desired destinations with us.

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