Private Aircraft Charter Experience

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Private Aircraft Charter Experience

What is private air travel like? In a word – wonderful. For those that have experienced it, they insist that they will never travel any other way. For those that haven’t, they don’t know what they are missing. Here’s what it looks like to fly private.

How To Book Private Jet Charters

Odyssey Airways is a Tampa Bay based aircraft charter operator that can offer you private air charter options to fit most budgets. Our fleet consists of small single-engine aircraft that can get you around the state most economically to our King Air B200 turboprop allowing hops around the U.S.,Caribbean, and Mexico for one to eight passengers. Need something that will go farther and faster? We can also provide you with private jet options of various sizes to most anywhere in the world.

When you call or email to get a quote or book a charter, you’ll already notice the first pleasant surprise and benefit to flying charter – convenience.We don’t tell you when we are departing and from where… you do. We operate 24/7 and can depart from most airports. There are almost 20,000 airports in the United States! Of those airports, you can only get commercial airline service to less than 3% of those airports. At Odyssey, we can get you to most of the remaining 97% of those airports in the US and around the world so that when you land, you are closer to where you need to be. Your trip can be completely customized. Once it is booked, you will receive your itinerary to review and are able to make any changes needed. The itinerary will cover all items needed such as where to meet, ground transportation, flight crew information, flight times, etc.


Departing On Your Private Jet

On the day of your departure, you don’t need to worry about running late and missing your flight. We don’t leave until you are ready. That’s part of the benefit of flying private air charters. If you live in the suburban neighborhood of a major city, it’s very likely that you may pass two or three airports on your way to the major airport that the airlines service. No more passing airports with private air charters.

When you arrive at the airport, frequently you can obtain access to drive your car right up to the aircraft to unload your luggage, valet your car with the fixed base operator (FBO) staff, and board your private aircraft, at your convenience. No security lines. No need to arrive any earlier than your desired departure time. Just board and go.

Private Air Charter Flight Experience

Long gone are the days of being crammed into a middle seat with your legs angled diagonally. You can recline your seat and stretch your legs without getting a death glare from other passengers. You highly skilled and experienced flight crew will keep you up-to-date of the progress for your flight as you snack on catering and a nice cocktail before your nap. You will arrive at your destination fully rested and ready for whatever awaits you.


Private Air Travel Arrival Experience

When you land, we will get you to an airport that is where you need to be, not an hour away like most airlines and in most cities they service. No waiting for the 200 people in front of you to get their overhead luggage out. Forget about trudging through the terminal to wait for your luggage….If it arrives, at all. No layovers. No rental car check-out lines. Your rental car or arranged ground transportation will await your arrival and be valeted just steps from the aircraft.


That’s it! You’re there – sooner, closer, more refreshed,and happier. You can be more productive in your business meetings, get back to your family sooner, or be ready to start your vacation sooner. That’s the way travel should be. Get your quote today!

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